Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nashville Mold Remediation - Information About Pink Mold

By Jamie Shelley


11 Oct. 2016

Pink mold is a common problem in homes and it is usually found in the bathroom. This fungi-type growth thrives best in damp areas, and it grows extremely well on bathroom grout, toilets, bathtub and the shower area. Pink mold is not toxic like black mold, in fact, it is a fungus. Pink colored mold is caused by a bacterium called “serratia marcescens.”

Pink mold damage in Nashville is not as dangerous as black mold, but its presence must be addressed quickly in order to avoid potential health problems. Its initial growth period makes it appear as a pink stain or it can look pinkish-orange or orange in color. Serratia marcescens is a common organism. It survives when water sits for a certain amount of time in the open air. Remember, direct contact with mold should be avoided.

The cleanup process for pink mold is similar to the cleanup process SERVPRO uses for other types of mold. The affected area should be scrubbed down thoroughly and then sanitized with a quality biocide to be sure that the organism is killed. Pink mold growth can be prevented by cleaning soap buildup on shower walls, bathroom faucets, shower head, tile and bathroom knobs.

It is believed that pink mold grows rapidly because it feeds on fat or phosphorous-laden materials, i.e., soap residue, feces, urine, gels and shampoo products. With any mold removal process, it is best to contact SERVPRO in order to verify that the problem has been taken care of.

Serratia marcescens also causes staining in the tub, behind or around a sink faucet, and at the bottom of shower curtains. Pink mold is an airborne organism. Its pink coloring is caused by a pigment that is produced as this bacteria colonizes. Pink mold dates back to the Middle Ages when its appearance was considered a miracle as it grew exponentially in damp climates. Today when we see it, we should call mold removal experts immediately.

The professional mold removal technicians at SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville are available 24 hours a day with emergency services. As a locally owned and operated business, we are close by and ready to help with your mold damaged property. Call us immediately at (615) 868-5324 and let us help.

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